Sing to Me, Man

about rosy toes and eskimoes, all you know on damsel doe


drake in the anaconda video and van gogh’s ‘at eternity’s gate’

(via auxius)

Older man running and thinking down the beach

An old man was doing push-ups at the end of a beach run,
I saw his veins so wiry,
it looked like they would take root in the sand rock,
eking out a tree with salt and seashells for fruit.

How unlike a tree was his resistance to sag and sap,
how revolutionary his hatred of dry!

And where did his soy-based moisturizer fit
in the willow vs. wallow marathon that was taking place
in all kinds of cavities?

Buzzfed from a Young Age

With a list I can get EVERYTHING OUT:
1. A list doesn’t belabor
2. Moves without labor
3. It organizes itself
4. Like a shelf of shelves
5. Slick and slim
6. With a big toothed, dim grin
7. Shoots first like Greedo
8. Soft as mosquitoes

I want to abuse you like a library card

—Me when I’m talking dirty


Ivan Aivazovsky - Pushkin’s Farewell to the Black Sea


Ivan Aivazovsky - Pushkin’s Farewell to the Black Sea

Inverted Cereal Bowl

To invert a cereal bowl involves immersing ceramic, in milk, in a box.

The cardboard can’t hold,
and has to sog
giving up droplets to the children of the counter
and the water cycle all
hopped up on sugar-singed commercials
advertising the merits of a glacier lifestyle,
the life of a mortal rock
with the benefit that
“Tom loves Mindy” tattoos heal and eviscerate with time

A complete reverse breakfast is rolled up in The TIMES
and fragranced with alarms,
orange juice,
lovingly-made, strongly-won coffee,
and a bed hair finish

Reader’s Cramp

books I buy weigh on me until I read them,
they glare from the corner
like stacks of sexually frustrated,
mail-order brides